I would like to:

hang from the wall

hang from the ceiling

hang a mobile

fasten a tieback






How to Hang on the Wall  (back to top)

(scroll for written directions)

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1. Open up wings and petals


2. If desired, you can create dimension in the room by adding a line to the butterfly to create different pitches and tying to the other strings.  Simply tie the clear string to the tail of the butterfly.  If you would like to purchase extra string, please click here.


3. Hang from hoop to ceiling with hoop or remove hoop, tie a loop in the string and hang with a clear thumbtack. 


How to Hang from the Ceiling (back to top)

Option 1 - hang with hoop

1. Spread out wings 
2. Hang on wall with tack by hoop
Option 2 - remove hoop

1. Spread out wings 
2. Remove string by gently pulling on loose ends to loosen loop and cut.   

3. From here you have 3 choices to attach to the wall.
    a. Use adhesive dots or command strips

    b. Slide a  thumbtack through either on the green leaf of the petal on the back for flowers, or         tuck one in under the top wing.

   c.  Slide a small brad (nail) into the back swath of the butterfly and nail into wall.



How to Hang Mobiles  (back to top)

1. Open out wings so they look like they are in flight.

2. Hang by hoop on a hook  (not included) or remove hoop and tie to a thumbtack. Hang on ceiling.


How to Fasten Tie Backs  (back to top)

1. Tie the ribbon around the back side of your curtain and then back around and tie a single knot under the bug or flower.
2. If you wish to let curtain hang free, tie and leave. If you wish to anchor to the wall, screw in a hook (not included).