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The Butterfly Grove is where little fairies live. The fairies work at night to create whimsical designs to inspire wonder. They live in a world that exists right between wake and sleep of children and babies. Chris, who works with children every day, has managed to enter their world where the fairies welcome her with love.


The items are sized by their longest dimension. For butterflies, dragonflies and bees, this would be from wingtip to wingtip. For ladybugs, this would be from antennae to bottom of wings. For flowers, this would be the flower diameter. Because items are hand made, there may be slight variations in size and therefore sizes are approximations.


Yes, our products are safe. But with any item, common sense is required. Our products (with the exception of bedding) are meant for decorative purposes only and are not meant to be used by children . All our materials have been tested by a third party. Please keep all decorations out of children's reach. Our nylon items have have small chokable parts.


All items are made with quality in mind. However, all items are made by hand so there may be some variation between items. Sizes are estimations and may vary from batch and colors may vary slightly with dye lot.


Yes, our items are almost always in stock. In general, if it is out of stock, it will be stated on the product page. However, it is possible that if you order a large quantity of one size/color/style, to order more than we have on hand. If this is the case, we will inform you and fill your order as quickly as possible


If you have a product in mind that we do not carry, please let us know and we will try to work with you. If we make it, you can name it!


Items may be gently spot cleaned with a damp cloth. If needed, you may spot clean with a mild detergent. Please clean with care as with any nylon item there is the possibility of creating runs.


Decorating FAQ


When you first get your butterfly, you should spread out its wings to give it life and then hang them on the wall or ceiling.
The butterflies can be hung in several ways.  You can use the string with the hoop onto a hook, or you can remove the hoop and tie the string to a thumb tack or brad.  You can also completely remove the string and tack directly to the wall with a tack, sticky wax, or brad (to remove string, pull on the free end first to enlarge the loop as to not cut the nylon).  We do not recommend using thumb tacks in rooms with young children.

If you are hanging the butterflies from the ceiling, you may want to add some dimensions to the flight.  You can add a third string and tie to the back end of the body to give the flight various angles.  You can also add length to the string to add various height to the butterfly's flight.

To see detailed instructions with photos and to download instructions, please click here.


All our items are suitable for hanging from the wall or ceiling (with the exception of mobiles, which are best suited for the ceiling).  However, some are better suited than others for these purposes.

All our items that are 5" and larger have a hanging hoop and line to hang from the ceiling.  If the items are not prestrung, it is easy for you to add a fishing line and hang from the ceiling.

You can use any size for the wall, either from the hoop, or remove the hoop directly to the wall.  Most 2" and 3" items do not come prestrung.

Generally, we recommend using 11" and up for hanging from the ceilings.  For walls, we recommend 13" and below.


Yes, it is possible to easily slide a wire into the back of the butterfly. For detailed instructions with photos on how to add a wire, please click here.


Customer Service FAQ

We take credit card (mastercard, visa, discover), Paypal, and money orders (US customers only). All transactions are encrypted through a secure socket layer server and we do not store credit card numbers.


We ship packages world wide via United States Postal Service. All our items are packaged in packing made from post consumer products and are recyclable. 


All items, with the exception of wood letters, ship within 1-2 business days. Items (with exception of letters) will be sent with the next shipping when customers choose priority or express shipping methods. Wood letters ship within 3-4 weeks.


What is your return policy?

We accept returns up to 14 days after receipt of your nylon items and 7 days for bedding if items are unopened and returned in their original condition. All sales are final on wall letters and vinyl decals. We will refund the entire amound minus the actual shipping costs. Return shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer.

Our wholesale prices are only available to those with a valid business license for purposes of resale. We also offer wholesale to party and wedding planners with valid business licenses. If you are interested, please email us.


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