Our Story:

Butterflies have been a passion for The Butterfly Grove owner, Chris, since she was a little girl.  When Chris had her own little girl, she went on a quest to create the perfect whimsical nursery and began to design butterflies with the help of her artist husband, Jamie, and her little fairy friends.  The Butterfly Grove was born from the desire to inspire wonder in everyone.    


Why Us?

The Butterfly Grove is known for its whimsical designs to inspire wonder.  We are constantly coming up with new designs to help transform a bedroom, party, or wedding into your dream space or event.  All our items have been carefully designed to complement each other so that any combination is the perfect combination. When we design our items, we like to keep in mind the barefoot princess in girls of all ages.   We know that a commitment to excellent customer service is key.  We will go the extra mile to make sure that you are happy.  



What is The Butterfly Grove?

The Butterfly Grove is where little fairies live.  The fairies work at night to create whimsical designs to inspire wonder.  They live in a world that exists right between wake and sleep of children and babies.  Chris, who works with children every day, has managed to enter their world where the fairies welcome her with love.