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  • Butterfly Theme for your Wedding

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    butterfly themed weddingThere are so many ways in which to weave the romantic and pretty Butterfly theme into your wedding! From your bridal look and wedding decor to your guest favors and wedding cake.

    Something so beautiful and unique like a butterfly materializes from a caterpillar. Like magic. Much like a fairy-tale. It symbolizes the beginning of a new and beautiful life as a married couple.

    A Butterfly themed wedding is not difficult to plan. You can weave the romantic butterfly theme from the preparations and dates before the big day till the reception afterwards, and when you wave goodbye for your honeymoon.

    Here’s some easy to implement ideas:

    Pick a color scheme.

    You can choose white butterflies to complement your color scheme or choose the color of the butterflies based off the wedding's color scheme.

    You could have Butterfly Invitation Cards or Butterfly themed hanging decor.

    Pick a wedding dress design

    You can be incorporate it into your wedding dress as well. You can create a beautiful veil by fastening a butterfly to the headpiece, tucking nylon butterflies into the bouquet or wrapping the bouquet with a ribbon with a butterfly fastened to it.

    Make your reception unique

    Butterfly reception ideas are endless. Using mini butterflies around the wedding cake, tucking little cute butterflies in the centerpieces, designing the napkins with cute little butterflies. Butterfly wedding confetti would look beautiful too! The ideas are endless.

    A Butterfly themed cake, Butterfly name place cards and Butterfly themed bridal favor boxes can also be a personal touch for your guests.

    Have you ever considered a butterfly- themed wedding?

    There are hundreds of ways to decorate with butterflies at your wedding. They are a symbol for new beginning of life. Why not start the rest of your life with butterflies?

    Share your ideas with us. Share some nice pictures of butterfly themes you’ve seen. We love to hear from you!


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