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The Butterfly is a symbol of new beginnings and is a popular way to celebrate a new life together as husband and wife.  The dream butterfly themed wedding is simple to create. There are plethora of ways to weave the romantic butterfly theme throughout your dream day wedding. First, pick on the color scheme for your wedding. Some brides and grooms prefer white butterflies to complement their main motif while others choose the color of the butterflies based on the wedding's color scheme.

A theme can created by decorating the wedding with nylon butterflies suspended in the air. Large hanging nylon butterflies would be perfect for suspend from the ceilings. The pews can be decorated with gathered chiffon together with a butterfly tiebacks.


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Butterflies can be incorporated into wedding dresses as well. Create a beautiful butterfly veil by fastening a butterfly to the headpiece. Tuck three inch nylon butterflies into the bouquet or wrap the bouquet with a ribbon with a butterfly fastened to it. Sew one onto the garter, add them to the flower girl's basket, and even add a butterfly to the boutonniere.

Butterfly reception ideas are endless. Use mini butterflies around the wedding cake. Tuck five inch nylon ones into the floral centerpiece. Tie the napkins with a ribbon with a butterfly attached for napkin rings. Attach butterflies to the table place card holder. If you are having an outdoor wedding, you can create a seating chart along a line with butterfly pins holding up the charts. Attach mini butterflies with ribbons to your champagne glasses.

Nylon butterflies can be attached to just about any favor. Organza bags with nylon butterflies are quite charming. Butterflies attached to bags, boxes, and even seeds would be unforgettable. Butterfly name place cards and bridal favor boxes add a personal touch for your guests.

There are hundreds of ways to decorate with butterflies at your wedding. They are a symbol for new beginning of life. Why not start your important day with romantic butterflies?

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