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Our fairies at The Butterfly Grove have been busy making beautiful butterfly decor for your little gir's room.   We offer the finest quality hanging nylon butterfly decor, butterfly mobiles, butterfly garlands, butterfly wall letters, butterfly tiebacks, butterfly dress up clothes, butterfly themed bedding, and butterfly table decor for weddigns.  Decorate your child's bedroom or nursery walls with beautiful butterfly decor and inspire her heart and mind with these hanging butterflies. Our nylon butterflies are handcrafted  with a flexible wire frame covered with nylon mesh stocking material. These nylon butterflies can also create a romantic wedding or a fun filled party, birthday, or special occasion. Our butterfly decor come in various colors, sizes, shapes and accents.  All our butterfly decor are designed to coordinate with each other to create a beautiful butterfly themed bedroom.
  • Emily Nylon Butterflies- These butterfly decorations come in many colors and three different sizes, making them very versatile for any occasion.
  • Adelaide Nylon Butterflies are unique with their diamond shaped body and with gem centered flowers.  Excellent wedding butterflies.
  • Samantha Nylon Butterflies are whimsical with their hand painted flowers.  Perfect for a little girl's butterfly theme bedroom.
  • Sasha Nylon Butterflies are stunning with their double layered wings and glitter swirls.
  • Brianna Nylon Butterflies are charming with their ribbon trails. 
  • Caitlyn Nylon Butterflies are sweet mini butterflies, perfect for decorating cakes, wedding and party favors.
  • Serenity Nylon Butterflies are our two toned beauties and are excellent accent pieces. 
  • Isabella Nylon Butterflies are great for weddings with their pearl bodies.
  • Sophia Nylon Butterflies are our large butterflies that will be sure to make your baby smile.
  • Chloe Nylon Butterflies double layered wing structure in 3 different sizes.
  • Sydney Nylon Butterflies are mini butterflies made with faux pearl beads.
  • Ella Nylon Butterflies have a gem body with gem stars for decorations.
  • Butterfly Wall Letters are hand painted letters decorated with butterflies.  Butterfly shapes wtih letters inside also available.
  • Butterfly Themed Bedding have sets wtih with quilts, valences, sheets and dust ruffles.
  • Butterfy Tiebacks are great for holding back your curtains with style.
  • Butterfly Mobiles are perfect for hanging from the ceiing for the baby nursery.

These products are not toys.  Keep them out of reach of children.